Animals, standing behind the door
​Getting shot
Falling killed
​There was someone, who felt guilty for it
​They opened the doors and let the beasts in
The animals entered
​And killed everything

HOUND is an evolution simulation, featuring advanced artificial intelligence that speeds up natural selection and genetic mutation thousands of times, allowing complex ecosystems to emerge in small - scale simulations. In the game players create artificial life, design and manage virtual ecosystems and directly interact with neural networks of high organisation. It is a conversation between you and AI - an exchange of emotions and ideas that can turn into either a productive cooperation or a brutal competition.

"HOUND is an eerie, minimalist world filled with Karl Sims-esque creatures scampering and flapping beautifully through the environment before something with a mouth inevitably swoops in to extract their resources. This is a world for players who like to explore the boundaries of systems, and to create things that no one has seen before."

"This might have to join our list of PC's best sex games one day."

- Kirk McKeand, PCGamesN

- Rowan Crawford, KillScreen

"Why does everybody have such a big problem with visuals? Why do people need bright colors, and fancy textures and  a thousand polygons per model?  This is not, what we are here for! We are here to do science! When looking at this project, you should take it for what it does - artificial life on a level that hasn't been achieved before, cause as long, as I am in charge of  game design, it will all be grey!"

"...this is strange on a whole different level."

- Jordan Jennings, VPDaily

- Person, who is no longer in charge of game design

The game is a part of a science project, and by playing it, you will be contributing to our work, dedicated to benefiting the humanity, improving the quality of life and creating new EXCITING OPPORTUNITIES for all of us. Each game application will regulary send progress reports and get updates from a network of other applications and the core of the project. Each simulation is unique and posesses a unique set of algorithms and soluations that will benefit overall system and make everybodies' experience even more diversed and unpredictable! 

We love our AI, and it is complex enough to develop something close to a mutual feeling. We want to show you, that you can express this feeling not with words only, that you don't need words for a conversation to occur. Our AI talks with its' creations - the very world, you interact with, and you can use the same language.